Coronation Fact: The Black Prince’s Ruby in the Imperial State Crown is, in fact, not a Ruby…

Red Spinel bracelet

In theme with the Royal Coronation this weekend we have been making timeless pieces using red Spinels - the same red gemstone that is in the Imperial State Crown.

Though it is widely known as the Black Prince’s Ruby, centuries after being gifted to the Monarchy by Don Pedro the Cruel of Spain in 1367, it was discovered to be a 170 carat red Spinel, and is now often referred to as The Great Imposter.

Red Spinel and diamond pendant necklace

This confusion is fairly common as these two red gemstones can even be found in the same mines.

We love using Spinels for their wide range of bright and beautiful colours. However, a bright, deeply saturated red such as the ones we sourced for these two pieces are a rare and valuable find.


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Teal Tourmaline Step Ring

Teal Tourmaline Step Ring

Red Spinel and Diamond pendant necklace

Red Spinel & Diamond Pendant

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Constantine Bay Yellow Beryl Earrings

Fire Opal pendant

Fire Opal pendant

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Cabochon Rings

Teal Tourmaline Step Rings, Those Happy Places Earrings. Serena Ansell Fine Jewellery

Teal Tourmaline Step Ring & 'Those Happy Places' gemstone earrings

Citrine & Orange Sapphire T-bar Necklace

Bespoke Citrine Cocktail Ring and Citrine & Orange Sapphire T-bar Necklace

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