About Serena

Serena is a passionate designer, gemologist and an avid creative mind. 

She is a fine-jewellery, solid-precious-metal lover and a believer in doing things beautifully and properly.

Serena makes jewellery that will last and she believes this can only be achieved by using good quality, solid materials and excellent craftsmanship. ​

Her journey in the jewellery world began after graduating from Exeter University and embarking on the Graduate Gemologist course at the GIA. As a lover of nature from a young age, Serena had always been a magpie for high end jewellery set with precious stones. Each stone has its own history of where it was discovered, deep in the ground somewhere on this amazing planet, and it's own chemical makeup which gives it it's individual appearance. Being the romantic that Serena is, she is fascinated by the story behind every one and the mesmerising colours and beauty that their variations create. This, combined with her love of art and design, never fails to excite her.

Serena then worked for the highly respected jewellery designer William Welstead, under whose guidance she gained invaluable experience and knowledge of diamonds and coloured stones, particularly unusual cuts, unheated and antique stones. It also solidified her passionate belief in using only high-quality, precious materials and the unrivalled value that it adds. 

Serena Ansell Fine Jewellery, which Serena launched in 2022, specialises in bespoke and commission based projects whilst also maintaining a core collection of ready-to-wear designs. Serena's pieces uphold traditional influences with a subtle contemporary edge and bright, colourful flare whilst remaining wearable and timeless. Her pieces are made to be worn and loved generations.