Give them a timeless piece of your love

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Whether you are the mother or father or the bride or groom, the best man or maid of honour, a close friend or the bride or groom yourself, you want to give a meaningful gift that will be cherished.

Giving the gift of Serena Ansell jewellery is a timeless symbol of your love story.

Our bespoke, engagement and ready-to-wear jewellery is perfect for every occasion, made to be worn and cherished everyday, and to last for as long as it is loved.

It can be difficult to think of the right gift for these incredibly special occasions, so we have put together some inspiration…

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Bespoke gifts are a beautiful way of making something personal

Our traditional double-sided cufflinks come in gold or silver with your desired engraving.

We make Russian Wedding Rings with optional gold colour combinations upon request. Get in touch to make your order.

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Bespoke Engraved Heavy Gold Binding Bangle

Our Binding Bangles and Binding Rings are lovingly hand-engraved with a string of Xs.

These beautifully simple and timeless unisex pieces are a perfect gift for loved ones.

The affectionate reminder they gives shines through, not only from their inscription, but from the individual craftsmanship taken to craft each one.

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 Available in gold or silver, regular or heavy in weight.

For engravings on the inside, please send us a message.

Diamond binding bangle. Diamond binding band. Diamond bangle. Diamond band. Serena Ansell Fine Jewellery. London jeweller.

Our Diamond Binding Bangles and Binding Rings are a very special gift that bring effortless everyday sparkle.

What to give to new members of the family? 

Lemon quartz necklace. Yellow gemstone necklace. Christening gifts. Christening jewellery. Serena Ansell Fine jewellery. Bespoke jewellery designer London. London jeweller.

Something pretty to be worn and loved every day is the perfect gift for a new daughter-in-law.

This bespoke Lemon Quartz necklace is a lovely recent example given by mother of the groom to her daughter-in-law to be to match her yellow Diamond Engagement Ring.

To discuss creating something bespoke, get in touch.

We would love to help you create the perfect, timeless piece.

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Engraved Traditional Silver Cufflinks

Your new son-in-law may already have a pair of gold cufflinks but may not have a silver pair to wear more casually.

We engrave our cufflinks by hand to give them the most traditional and tasteful look possible, rather than using a laser or a machine.

The result is beautiful, authentic and timeless. 

Love you pendant charm. Hand engraved pendant. Romantic jewellery. Gold disc pendant. Personalised pendant. Personalised charm.Gold Love You Token

Perfect for friends, family or fiancées, the Love You Token can be worn as a pendant fitted onto their own necklace, bracelet onto whatever they wish that will keep your token of love close to their heart wherever they go.

Available in solid 9 carat gold or sterling silver with an optional choice of chains.

Those Happy Places. Serena Ansell Fine Jewellery. Shell jewellery. Solid gold shells. Solid silver shells. London jeweller. Thoughtful gifts.

 Over the years you might have got to know your future in-laws on family holidays to special places around the UK.

Why not give them a thoughtful present from our ‘Those Happy Places’ Collection?

A collection made from castings of real shells found on some of the UK's most loved beaches.

 Old Hunstanton Silver Cufflinks. Shell cufflinks. Those Happy Places. Shell jewellery. Beach themed jewellery. Norfolk jewellery. Norfolk shells. Serena Ansell Fine Jewellery. Silver cufflinks. Personal cufflinks. London jeweller.

A gift such as this might not be personal through the obvious method of engraving, but in thought, and will remind them of the beautiful bond that your families have formed over the years.
Oxwich Bay pendant. Oxwich Bay scallop shell pendant necklace. Gower jewellery. Gower shells. Scallop shell jewellery. Those Happy Places. Serena Ansell Fine jewellery. London jeweller.

 Whatever your relationship is to the bride & groom, there is a timeless piece of jewellery for all.