La Coupe Bay, Jersey


A Jersey Ormer shell found on La Coupe Bay, Jersey. 

With the highest concentration of Ormers being the Jersey coast, Ormers and Ormering (the collecting of Ormers by hand) are a proud and beautiful part of Jersey Island's heritage.

La Coupe means 'summit' in old French and the Bay itself is certainly the summit of happiness and beautiful memories for so many people, with sightings of Dolphins being amongst the most treasured. 

A solid 9 carat gold pendant with an optional choice of 9 carat gold chains. 

(Gold Adjuster Chain has a link width of 2.25mm, Large Round Belcher has a link width of 3.44mm). Shell measures approx. 3cm x 2cm.

Also available in Sterling Silver. 

Price includes UK VAT. 

Made in London using sustainably sourced, recycled precious metal. 

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