Port Gaverne Cufflinks


A Thick topshell found in Port Gaverne, Cornwall. 

Thick topshells are a comforting, familiar sight to those that have spent time on the coast in South West England and Wales. 

Their Mother of Pearl-esque, dream-like sheen will catch your eye amongst the dark, slate rockpools and pebbly beach of Port Gaverne. The magical pattern of their nacre is not far from the 'fire' of conch pearls which will mesmerise the eye when studied up close. 

They are not often the smallest shells on the beach, but conversely seem to be the most common on the beach of this little Port. Their special appearance echo the special place Port Gaverne holds for many, particularly locals and those who have been long-standing visitors to the North Cornish coast. 

Shell measures approximately 12.5mm x 15mm. 

Blank measures approximately 16.5 x 12mm. 

Made of solid sterling silver.